Takahashi Keisuke reluctantly opened his eyes and stretched luxuriously. He rolled over to his side and blinked sleepily as he mumbled, "Is it morning already?"

The only other occupant in the bedroom, a dark-haired young man currently putting on his shirt chuckled before replying, "Yeah." He smiled as he leaned down to playfully tweak Keisuke on the nose. "Get up, sleepyhead. Don't you have a class to go to or something?"

Keisuke pouted. "Don't wanna go," he muttered, "too lazy."

Nakazato Takeshi sighed and with one quick move, grabbed his lover's wrists and tugged him out of the bed, causing Keisuke to fall gracelessly on the floor in a heap with a startled yelp.

"Hey!" Keisuke protested.

"Get dressed, Keisuke. I have to go to work," Takeshi said sternly, "and your brother's going to have a fit if he finds out you're skipping morning classes again."

"Oh, he won't find out," Keisuke replied, smirking.

"Oh, then I'll just tell him," Takeshi countered.

Keisuke merely drew his legs up and rested his chin on his knees as he looked pleadingly at Takeshi. Unfortunately for him, Takeshi had grown quite immune to that particular look's effects. Earlier in their relationship, Takeshi would have scowled and grumbled a bit before letting him having his way.

Now, his lover merely glared at him.

"All right," he surrendered, slowly getting up. He rubbed his eyes as he padded off to a corner of the bedroom and reached for his knapsack. "Hey Takeshi," he said as he retrieved his clothing and toothbrush, "are you busy tonight? I mean, you don't have to stay late at work to do anything, do you?"

"Mmm... I don't think so," Takeshi answered as he combed his hair. "Why?" he asked curiously.

Keisuke put on his best innocent expression - which did not fool Takeshi one bit - and replied, "Just wondering."

Takeshi snorted. "Yeah right."

"Don't you believe me?" Keisuke sniffed.

"Only on very rare occasions."

Keisuke tried to find a suitable retort for that, and failed. Feeling that he had to respond in at least one way, he reached out to mess up Takeshi's neatly slicked-back hair.

"Oi! Keisuke!"

Ignoring the glare directed at him, Keisuke cheerfully suggested, "You shouldn't slick your hair back! Just let those fringes loose!"

Takeshi sighed and combed his hair again, ignoring Keisuke's suggestion. "Don't even think about it," he growled when Keisuke moved near him.

"What?" Keisuke said innocently as he pecked Takeshi lightly on one cheek. When Takeshi relaxed his guard, with a triumphant smirk, Keisuke ruffled his lover's hair again before he ran to the safety of the shower, laughing at Takeshi's outraged yell.



Keisuke hummed a tune as he shampooed his hair. "It's true," he said out loud suddenly, "he really looks better with those fringes hanging loose." He bit his lower lip in thought before he continued his monologue, "I mean, he's not really much older than me and he's already dressing like some boring thirty-something salaryman."

Keisuke sighed. "Sheesh, the guy needs to loosen up a little..." His eyes brightened. "I know!" he said, snapping his fingers.



Takeshi switched off his computer and gathered some of the papers on his desk. He stuffed them into a manila folder, grabbed his suit jacket and headed out of the office. He was rather surprised to see Keisuke's smiling face greeting him when he walked out of the main entrance of the building. "Keisuke? Why are you - hey!"

Keisuke grabbed hold of Takeshi's arm firmly and still with the smile on his face, dragged the Night Kids team leader across the street to the parking lot where his yellow RX-7 was parked. "Where are we going?" Takeshi said irritably as he reluctantly let himself being tugged to the car.

Keisuke merely smirked as he once again, messed up Takeshi's hair with both hands once they were seated in the car. "No," he said, intercepting Takeshi's hand, "leave it. You're not at work, so there's no need for you to be so..."

"Immaculate? Formal? Sensible?!"

"Whatever," Keisuke said as he removed Takeshi's tie.

Takeshi sighed. "So where are we going?" he repeated, resigning to whatever fate Keisuke had decided for him.

"You'll see!" Keisuke said, grinning. The younger Takahashi brother then started the car and the RX-7 rolled out of the parking lot.



"No," Takeshi said firmly.

"Aw, come on!" Keisuke wheedled. "It'll be cool!"

"NO!" Takeshi repeated in a much sterner tone, "absolutely not!"

"Takeshi!" Keisuke began to whine, "please? For me?"


Keisuke resorted to his last ploy. He put on his best hurt expression, stuck his lower lip out in a slight pout and sniffed. He rarely used this expression, and he only used it when he was desperate. And since it was hardly used, no one - not even his elder brother Ryousuke - had developed any form of immunity to it. "Please?" he sniffed, knowing that he looked that he was about to burst into tears.

As he expected, Takeshi's strong resolve immediately weakened. "I dunno..." Takeshi muttered.

Keisuke gave another sniff.

"All right!" Takeshi said, throwing his arms skyward in a gesture of exasperation. "Fine!"

Keisuke beamed before he slung one arm around Takeshi's waist and dragged his lover inside the store. "Hi!" he said cheerfully to the girl behind the counter.

"Hi," the girl replied. "So... matching ones?" she said, looking at them both.

Keisuke nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, these are some of our more popular selections-" the girl began as she took out several display trays.

"Um, are these silver?" Seeing the girl nod, Keisuke said, "Got anything in platinum?"

Takeshi raised one eyebrow.

"Only the best for my Takeshi," Keisuke whispered in his lover's ear.

Takeshi's cheeks turned slightly pink as he said softly, "Your Takeshi?"

Keisuke merely looked innocent.



"I dunno..." Takeshi muttered as he stood in front of the full-length mirror in his bedroom, "it looks kinda weird."

Keisuke wrapped his arms around his lover and shook his head. "Of course not!" He pointed at his own reflection in the mirror. "See? If it looks good on me, it looks good on you too."

"Weird," Takeshi decided.

"Actually, I think it's kinda... sexy," Keisuke whispered, kissing Takeshi's neck. He gently ran one slender finger on Takeshi's left ear, caressing the sensitive area around Takeshi's new platinum earring - an earring that matched the one on his own ear.

"Really?" Takeshi said dubiously.

"Mm hmm," Keisuke mumbled as he slid his hands inside Takeshi's shirt.

Takeshi laughed. "You're just saying that so you can get laid," he grumbled good-naturedly.

Keisuke smirked. "Of course not," he countered, pushing Takeshi down onto the bed, "I'm saying that because it's true." He leaned down to give Takeshi a long kiss. "And because I want to get laid," he added with a sly wink.

Takeshi rolled his eyes.

"So do you mind, then?" Keisuke asked, slightly worried.

Takeshi snorted. "Of course not," he growled before he slung his arms around Keisuke's neck and pulled him down for another one of those long kisses.


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