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      Hello! Welcome to my warped little corner of Initial D fandom.

      Initial D is a manga series that has been made into an anime. It is about cars... boys... boys and their cars... boys racing their cars on curve-y roads... you get the idea, I'm sure.

      I'm not going to /explain/ Initial D on this page, because I assume that if you made it here, you know what it is.

      Which brings us to the principal content of this page. I am one sick kitty. Quite perverted, and rather proud of it. ^_^ This page will have lots of yaoi and shounen-ai content... and... *sniffs* do you smell lemons??? ^_____^
So, just in case, I'm going to spell it out for you now. "Yaoi" is an acronym describing sexual relations between males. "Shounen-ai" literally means "boy-love"... in that boys love boys. "Lemon" means sexually explicit material (like NC-17/R/stuff like that).

i wub my chibi min-chan plushie!       But innocent ones fear not! This *points to piccy on the right* is me and my chibi-min-plushie. *squishes plushie* I wub my Min-plushie. She's my bestest friend in the whole wide world. But, alas, she's a pure one. *nods sagely*

      Therefore, to protect her innocence (or rather, her non-acceptance of a gay ryoupon ^O^), I've set up a rather complex system. First, I will have an underground site (that's where all the lemony goodness will be stored) which will be password protected. But also, all "safe" pages and links will be stamped with the Chibi Min-chan Seal of Approval (tm)!

If you see that little gif, it means that the page/pic/link/whatever is OK for all the pure ones and the Chibi-Min-types.


I think that's all I have to say for now.

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