Under Where? Under There!
(Keisuke + Takeshi)

Medium: pencil and paper (lineart), PS 6.0, Wacom Tablet
Inspiration: er... this may be too much information... but... i was inspired by my own underwear... which is the pair i've attributed to keisuke. ^_~
hmm... what can i say about this pic? ^O^ personally, i'm super amused by it. ^O^;;; it almost killed my best friend when she saw it by accident! especially when she saw that takeshi's underwear says "sweet" across the rear! ^_^v

technical comments... well... i did the stupidest colouring method *ever* this time, so i'm surprised that i'm actually happy with the way the colours/definition turned out. i'm particularly happy with keisuke's hair as, quite frankly, i'm *terrible* at drawing it! ^O^;;; the arms are too stiff, and let's not even discuss keisuke's hand... i like keisuke's hips tho... and thighs... ah well. ^_^ over all, i'm pretty happy with this pic. (espcially as i haven't drawn them in so long!)

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