Kitty Love
(Keisuke and kitty)

Medium: Corel(?) Painter Classic (i dunno, it came with my tablet), Wacom Tablet
Inspiration: I love Keisuke? Does that count as inspiration? oh, yah, and inspired by a real life version i saw on the street. ^_^.
hmm... what to say, what to say...?
one day i was driving in my neighbourhood and i saw this cute cute guy nuzzling a tiny kitten and it was just the sweetest thing i ever saw~~~ *_* and i thought to myself, 'wouldn't keisuke look just like that if he had a kitty?' thus here it is! super-sensitive-keipi!
the kitty is orange because i've never seen a yellow cat... i mean, not really *YELLOW*... and i thought it would go with my theory that "keipi is the sun". ^________^

and btw, the kitty is me. =P

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