Ganguro "Girls"
(Keisuke, Takumi, and Itsuki)

Medium: pencil and paper (lineart), PS 6.0, Wacom Tablet
Inspiration: HASE!!! this is ALL her fault. *nod* all of it.
kekeke... there's nothing i can say about this pic. ^O^;;;; mainly, because, as conceited as this sounds, i'm pretty happy with this pic. i made the conscious decision not to shade/shine it because it ended up looking... not right for the look/style of the pic. i think it's more fun when it's flat like this. ^O^;;;
uh... well if there's something i'd really complain about... takumi ended up a little *too* feminine looking. it's not quite as fun when they actually look like girls, ne? ^O^

oh wait! i should probably explain what a 'ganguro girl' is, right? "Ganguro" was a fad in Japan for the past couple years. (it's pretty much dying out by now, i assume). the trademarks of a Ganguro Girl is a fake-n-bake tan, bleached blonde hair, and white make-up. (also the skanky clothes and the suuuper high platform boots). takumi and itsuki i drew as 'Kogaru," meaning "little girl" i've heard... but i think it's more like "Call Girl." ^O^;;; these high school girls wear loose socks and hike up their uniform skirts after school before heading out on the town. hear tell, they do things like Mogi did. ^_~

for a more detailed pic, click here. ^_~ (because i feel that y'all *need* to see a close-up of itsuki. ^O^)

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